What & When?

The 7th edition is organised in academic year 2015-2016. Registrations start on October 5. The online game is played from October until the beginning of the Christmas holidays. Next year, after the exam period, the finalists will be known and we will have our grand finale!

So, curious how the game works and what you can expect? Below you can find all necessary information to get you ready for the start.

  Terms & Conditions

Battle of Talents secures idea protection (IP). You can consult the rules of the competition and the T&C here. Upon registration, every participant will have to agree on these terms before being able to enter the game.

  Frequently Asked Questions

We grouped some of our most Frequently Asked Questions about Battle of Talents. You can consult them here.


Registration Phase

Start: October 5, 2015

Phase 1 is the registration phase. Battle of Talents is open for all students, currently registered at a University or College, or graduated in 2015. Within Battle of Talents, every interaction is anonymous. So, make sure to choose a nice nickname without identifying your real person! We encourage you to form cross-functional teams during the game to broaden your view and enrich your knowledge base.

At Battle of Talents, you can take up any of the activities that are related with the different roles within the competition. You can launch (a) venture(s), join another team, and make investments like a real venture capitalists.

Once registered and validated by the Battle of Talents team, you will be able to complete your profile. You're now ready for the start! The game will open at start of the online competition. So, hold your horses until October 21!

Remark: During the whole Battle of Talents run, new registrations remain possible.


Online Competition

Period: October to December

In this phase of the competition, participants start launching their ventures and write on their One Pager as an Entrepreneur. On the platform, specific questions will guide them through the development of this initial business plan. If Entrepreneurs feel they need some help, they can always ask others to join their team (Talents).

The answers written, will be the first point of contact with the Investors. The role of the Investors is to scan the different business plans, give the teams their specific feedback, and reward good ideas with virtual investments. All anonymous of course. Successful ventures that manage to get the highest share price will go to a Jury, battling for a place in the Final Event. By making well thought-out investment decisions, Investors can gain profit. This profit will determine their place in the Investor Ranking.

To provide additional support, Battle of Talents organizes also offline events (like a CEO Café and a Pitch Event). At these events, our participants can appeal to dedicated coaches to further enrich their idea, business plan and investment strategy.

Online Competition

Final Event

Date: March 2, 2016

The ventures with the highest share price, and the best investors after the online competition will be invited to participate at the Final Event. During this event, the winning ventures will pitch their idea and around 200 people will witness the battle for this year's prizes. The winning investors will be invited as well to join the Jury of CEO's and have a vote in the selection process of the winning ideas.

We close the evening with an inspirational key note speaker and a fine walking dinner.



Jury Final Event 2014


Team Final Event 2015


Are you ready?

Battle for the title of top Entrepreneur or Investor and win € 30.000 in prizes!