How to participate?

Within Battle of Talents, different roles with their own activities are determined. Upon registration, you can select your preferred role as an Entrepreneur, Talent or Investor. Your preffered role however, causes no restrictions in how you would like to play the game! It's up to you to explore your strenghts and your full potential as top entrepreneurial mind!

Participate as an Entrepreneur

Launch an idea and build your virtual start-up!

Are you a creative individual with new, innovative ideas, based on daily experience, vision or technology and are you dreaming about starting your own company? Register as an Entrepreneur, launch your own venture, work out your own business plan, gather as many feedback you can and convince Investors to invest their virtual capital in your idea. Feel you need help? Invite Talents to your team to bring your plan to a higher level. If you make it to the top highest venture share prices, you will pitch your idea for a Jury of experts within the industrial- and academic world on the Final Event. Maybe your team will win this seventh edition of Battle of Talents?

Great teams. It was a real difficult choice. Good luck to all the winners!Martine Tempels, Jury Member
Team of Entrepreneurs

Participate as a Talent

Bring in your expertise and enforce a team!

You don't have an innovative idea in mind, but you have developed a particular skill or in-depth knowledge? Maybe you're the one Entrepreneurs are looking for! Do you want to share your expertise and become part of a team? Join Battle of Talents, apply for a place in your favorite team, get connected and bring your team to the top of this year’s competition!

Battle of Talents was not only fun, it was also a positive life-changing experience! Talent, BoT Edition VI

Participate as an Investor

Predict the virtual market and win!

In Battle of Talents, Investors play the role of true Venture Capitalists: they will evaluate the teams’ business plans and reward the good ideas with virtual investments, feedback & coaching. Their job is to bring their favorite ideas to the top by sharing their knowledge and investing virtual money. Do you have that special gut feeling? Can you spot the diamonds in the rough? Make sure you invest in the right ideas to receive sufficient ROI that will take you to the top of the competition!

It’s very interesting to use my experience to give feedback to the teams and make a contribution to their innovative ideas!Investor, BoT Edition VI
Are you ready?

Battle for the title of top Entrepreneur or Investor and win € 30.000 in prizes!